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between light and darkness there goes a weak breath

exhibition at Galerie erstererster

A.I.R. Messen, Ålvik

resident artist, february, march 2017

Netzwerk . from the center, outwards

group exhibition, 2016


group exhibition, 2016

Wald und Flur

exhibition, 2016

Charoen Krung

video installation, Bangkok 2015

charoen krung

exhibition at project189, Bangkok 2015

restaurant pacifico

wall - design with Justin Allen, 2015

unsere Natur

exhibition with Adel Motamedi, 2015


exhibition, 2015

they must have come from deep down the ocean

exhibition, 2015

zu Gast

exhibition, 2014


coverphotography for meteorites, 2014

iconic ghost

a film by Mario Stahn, inspired by artwork of Philipp Bünger, music by Henning Watkinson

iconic ghost

a Showcollection by FRANZIUS, 2013, with artwork by Philipp Bünger

goldener Schädel

exhibition, 2013